Wednesday, March 16, 2011

rumpled, deflated, squashed

That is how I feel.
Kind of like these pillows.
All the fluff is out of me.

Situations have been such that this feeling has come over and over again in the last two weeks.

You see people you care about being hurt.
You find out you defended a lie and inadvertently caused more pain because of it.
You want to bring peace and unity and people interpret it wrongly; your words start to divide when that is exactly what you want to stop.
You see painful wounds in a friend but feel helpless to help them; you can't seem to communicate with them how much you care.
You feel like no matter what you try to do or not do, it ends up being worse than before.

But then you stop and pray.
You realize that God is in control.
You trust that He will comfort the wounded and somehow, someway let them know, on your behalf, how much you care about them.
You know that God works everything for good, if you love and trust in Him, and you must simply have faith in that truth.

Because God is Good.
He is in control.
He isn't capable of doing anything but what is BEST.


  1. So true! Thought I'd check in with you and your blog since we had shared a connection (my daughter is the one coming to Quito in July with Big World Ventures). Praying for you...

  2. your Godly, mother's heart is so are truly such an amazing woman...missing you so......