Friday, March 25, 2011

Mia's cupcakes

Tomorrow is Mia's 10th birthday.
ACK! That means I have two kids in double digits!
Didn't I just graduate from college a few years ago?

I am slowly learning to face the fact that I am now one of those "ladies" that I knew when I was in my 20s.
"She's really nice and fun, for a 40-year-old...."

Moving on.

So, of course birthdays for your children mean cupcakes for the class at school.
Mia really wanted to decorate them herself, but they just didn't get done on time, so I had to take over.
It was Thursday night, and we had the guys over, but it just had to get done.
Well, low and behold, it turned into a rather fun and entertaining event for the evening.
Some of the guys saw what I was doing and wanted to join in.
So I gave them a few piping lessons.
(I have about my "middle school graduation" in piping, but seeing as they were at a pre-school level, it all worked out.)
William with the rosette tip.
Maddy got pretty into it too.
Gotta love the look of concentration from Miguel.
Tongue sticking out and everything.
The proud decorators with their final products.
And the decorators with a little too much sugar in their systems.

And after all that time together decorating with turquoise colored icing, I still don't know what the Spanish name for turquoise is....
They kept saying it way "celeste".
Bah! That's not celeste!

Don't worry, I looked it up:

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