Thursday, July 15, 2010


Maddy and I decided to try new fruits and blog about it. How very interesting, yes?

Our attempt will be to do a new one everyday.... you know, just like Julie and Julia. Sort of.
Okay, but it might not happen every day because Eric is gone, we don't have a car, so it isn't going to be easy to go and buy fruit. We'll see how it goes.

Fruit #1: Taxo
Seen at the left - Maddy sucking out the innards. No, she is not playing a new musical instrument.

This is our assessment and description of taxo:
sweetish, tart, gooey inside with a

strong earthy flavor and a strong bitter aftertaste... especially if chewing the seeds.
It leaves the same feel in your mouth as rhubarb, which means I will have zero success in getting Eric to eat it.
It smells like dirt.
It has a pretty orange gelatinous inside with lots of seeds about 5mm big. The skin is soft and about as thick as banana peel.
Also called the banana passion fruit...and it is related to passion fruit (will probably be featured another time).
You can eat it by cutting off the tip - like we showed here, and suck out the insides. It is often used for juice and sauces.
Maddy and I think it would be good to just squeeze the goo over a bowl of vanilla ice cream and go to town.
Okay, Maddy said fruit flavored ice cream, but I'd prefer vanilla.

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  1. I'm totally intrigued! I want to try all those crazy fruits, too, but I'm too much of a baby. I'll let you go first! :)