Tuesday, July 13, 2010

diners club

Does anyone have a Diners Club credit card anymore? Seriously. Didn't they disappear with Fantasy Island? Or maybe since everything that was old is new again, it has made a resurgence. Like leg warmers.
Yesterday we went to buy a fridge and microwave. We were trying to both be responsible with money (difficult as appliances are so crazy expensive here) and fill the needs of our family. After much back and forth, debating and negotiating we finally made our decision.
Did we come home having made our purchase?
Why not?
Because we don't have the ever popular Diners Club card, of course.
Check your wallets people.... I would love to hear if anyone has one. We have a visa. We have a mastercard. We even have an american express (supposed to be used only for Costco). And don't they (or didn't they) have commercials saying how widely around the world they are accepted? Maybe in Asia, the Middle East and even the far reaches of Siberia. But no, Ecuador much prefers the good ol' reliable Diners Club.
How we didn't know this, I have no idea.

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