Wednesday, July 14, 2010

kings and queens

Not the type you are thinking of....

It has been two and a half weeks and Eric are still sleeping in the same queen bed together! That is an accomplishment.
For the past 14 or so years of our marriage, we have slept in a king, inherited from his dad. A glorious bed. But it ruined us. Since that time I don't know if we ever have shared a smaller bed. If we are at a hotel and there are two beds, we sleep separately. If the kids are with us, we each share with one of the kids. If there is only one available, one of us usually sleeps on the floor - yes, don't worry, usually it is Eric. We haven't taken it to the Ozzy and Harriet extreme of separate bedrooms....
But now, with really no other option as house sitters, we are SHARING.
I'm so proud of us. We're really growing up.
And we even decided, since we are now so mature, that we are not going to buy a king bed here.
We are buying two twins.

Don't worry - we are putting the two twins together to form a king! Better resale value on twins verses a king....and more economical!

By the way, saw bugs number three and four yesterday. Both small.

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  1. Too funny! I love it. It's actually giving me some good ideas...