Sunday, July 11, 2010

his best day ever

please read the following entry with a great deal of sarcasm....

Eric loved the other day. It was starting-to-paint-and-unpack-some-stuff-day. The kids have been all excited about painting their rooms (the youngest choosing a mere 9 colors for her wall colors....we are waiting until she can narrow it down a little). So we picked out paint and two days ago, started painting.
Eric loves painting. Basically it is one of his favorite ways to spend a day. I think it is the thrill of transformation and adding beauty and creativity. He could hardly wipe the silly grin off his face.... he just walked around, painted around, unpacked around simply BEAMING. It is hard to believe such a manly man could enjoy stuff like this so much.
This picture is of him helping out in the two middle kids' room. It was especially thrilling for him because the paint was super thin, for some reason (weird because the paint for our oldest's room was really thick - same brand, same finish. It also dried super fast and this thin stuff dried really slow... now exactly the quality paint I am used to). Because of this thinnest, he got to do two coats of painting - three in some areas. You have no idea how overjoyed he was. It was like he just got handed free tickets to the world cup and Germany was playing. Well, since he didn't get tickets, and since the Fatherland didn't quite make it, he got his thrill for the week by doing this. Sheer joy.
The even more exciting part? There still is one more bedroom to go.... and maybe, if I want to give him a super good day, the kitchen. That is what I am all about.... give, give, give.


  1. I just love, love, love your writing style Mrs. Ackermann. So happy to be reading about the wonderful changes the family is experiencing. Thank you for taking the time to do so. All my love,


  2. Oh my goodness, so excited to see a picture -- and I LOVE the color!!! PLEASE put up more pictures!!! So sweet to see Eric's smile as he paints your new home. Were you using the tiny paint brush to touch up the fine details? Can't wait to see more of the finished product.