Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mia's bad day

First problem - an infection seemed to hit Mia pretty hard today - a certain infection that you need to treat by drinking lots of cranberry juice... And I mean it hit hard.
So Eric drove his bike to three different stores to try to find said cure. Finally store number three has it - Cranberry juice not quite the real thing, and for a low, low price of $5.00 a small bottle. I guess it is better than going to the doctor and getting meds.
Mia hates cranberry juice.
Fortunately she seems to hate the pain more.
But, did I tell you that Mia hates cranberry juice? She does. She really does.

Second problem - longer story. Went to get more paint today - to paint the kitchen, add some stripes to Cade and Mia's room, and for Maddy to paint her bookshelf. The guy working the paint department directed me to black paint (for bookshelf). Thought nothing of it, bought the paint.
Oil based.
I suppose I am so used to buying gloss latex that I didn't even stop to ask.
I should have asked, or looked.... it said it plain as day on the can "aceite" (oil), but my brain didn't even register that a question was needed.
Now oil based paint is not easy to work with for someone who has painted often. Terrible to work with if you are young and inexperienced.... like my two daughters. Bless their precious hearts.
They spent the afternoon gagging over terrible fumes and trying to work with sticky paint. Then when it came to clean up, I neglected to tell them not to try to use water. Not too big a deal - except that I didn't buy any paint thinner or turpentine because I didn't realize about the oil basedness (that is a word, right?). Fortunately, Eric too the rescue (and the previous home renters). He found some paint thinner that was left. So off he goes with the girls to start cleaning up.
Then the can tipped, splashed and sprayed into Mia's eye. Being the great dad that he is, Eric scoops her up, runs her to the sink and tries to start rinsing her eye out. Notice that I used the word "tries". Mia is so completely freaked out and in pain that she fights for all she is worth, screaming and kicking. Pretty strong little thing for her size!
So Eric has her over the sink, horizontal, I've got her feet because she is kicking like mad, and we are both trying to calmly, but somewhat urgently, talking her into cooperating, while continuing to pour water over her eye.
Oh my, I wish we had video footage of that. It was awful. The other kids were freaking out.
Finally got the eye rinsed out good and proper - not without a lot of sweat and tears.

Her eye is okay.
Her emotions aren't.
But alas, she is asleep.

Thank you, thank you, thank you Lord for saving her eye.
I am so thankful that I can kiss my sweet child and hold her close to comfort her. Then I am so thankful that I can surrender her over to Jesus.

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