Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Fruit #3: granadilla

Also known as "snot fruit" - an apt description as it looks a lot like snot. Sorry - but it's true!
A relative of passion fruit but with less tartness. Also related to the previously explored taxo.
The peel, from the picture, looks similar to an orange, but it is harder or more tough. The inside is a grayish green. There are many seeds which are individually encased in little pouches of juicy goodness.
Basically you rip the thing open and chow down on the insides. If you want to be delicate or appear to have manners, you could scoop it out with a spoon, but the reality is that most people just eat it right out of the shell.
The seeds give a lot of crunch and the flavor is mildly sweet, not salty at all - as one might suspect. Once again, my brilliant daughter describes it as "yummy".

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