Saturday, July 17, 2010

dishwashers are a blessing from the Lord

Dishwashers are a blessing from the Lord, even if you have to pre-rinse.

Today was a domesticish kind of day.
Laundry, cooking, baking, all that sort of stuff.

Maddy was sick and wanted soup. So I figured I'd whip up something, like chicken noodle. It is now called Chicken Loodle Soup. Why? because I made it with letter noodles - therefore l-oodles, and because Lucy, sometimes known as Loodle, had three bowls full for dinner and then asked for another one after having brownies for dessert.
The brownies, by the way, are scrumpdiliumpshious. I am making improvements in the baking department.
I also stewed a whole whack of tomatoes. Canned tomatoes are pretty expensive here, fresh tomatoes are really cheap... After spending close to a bajillion dollars on appliances, I figure I need to save where I can.
Now, you will notice in the picture that #7648 is present in the mixture. Yup, a critical error. While I did prewash (actually soak in this produce cleaning stuff we have to soak everything in), I neglected to remove the tomato skins before cooking.... including #7648. That would have been yummy.

After all this cooking and baking (other things also not mentioned), there were a whole heap of dishes. So not fun. It has been about a year since dishwasher days, and I'd go back in a heart beat. I love dishwashers. I love them so much I'd marry one.
Actually, come to think of it, I did marry one.

Oh, and by the way, I also took out the garbage. Eric would claim that is a first for me. He'd be wrong. It might have been the fourth. And it wasn't completely overflowing either. It is amazing what I take care of when he is not around. My lack of garbage-taking-out skills is my biggest flaw in wifery.
Probably my only.


  1. If you can't have a dishwasher, the empleada works quite well! We have a dishwasher now, but I still wish we had the empleada for the other stuff in the house.

    God bless you guys as you continue to serve the Lord in Quito. Bendiciones.

  2. Ugh, I know the feeling! One would think that dishwashers would be all the rage here, but they're not. It was the same in the Middle East, too! NO dishwashers, despite their obsession with everything luxurious. Blah. I miss dishwashers.