Sunday, January 16, 2011

soccer skills

Not mine, that is.
If you know me - you already knew that I wasn't talking about me.

I was, however, talking about my daughter.
My own flesh and blood.
She came from my loins and she has athletic ability.
There is a God....
that is proof.

I'm trying not to live my athletic desires vicariously through her.
It's not easy.

She had a game on Friday (the third game last week!!).
It was at another American International school called Cotopaxi.
Nice school.
Very nice.

Getting ready to go in...
After her coach let go of her neck, she rubbed it.
Apparently he doesn't realize that he is a large man, and his paw is rather heavy (or tight) on a girls neck....

The assistant coach is a little more gentle
(and smaller).
And out she goes.
Notice the size difference here?
Maddy was likely the smallest one out on the field.

Three of the guys came with us to watch.
That was pretty cool.... they've watched some of her home games as well.
And they also played with the kids.

Now for some more of the game.
We'll just let some of these awesome action shots speak for themselves.
(actually I'm just saying that since I am clueless about the sport -
well, okay, not totally clueless...
they kick a puck and try to get it into the hoop)

Look at that aggression and focus on her face:
I think we need a close up of that:
Look at the determination,
the passion,
the insatiable quest for victory....

I suppose I'm not really letting the pictures speak for themselves.

I like what I say better.

The coach from the other team kept yelling things like
"You guys are leaving number 15 open!! She's fast!"
That's my girl.
Or, Eric's girl..... as the case may be.

(Just an interesting side note:
She has the same number that Eric always had for water polo - #15.
Well, at least I think it's cool.)

They lost.
But what great sportsmen like losers....
That's okay - they won one of their games this week.
And there was much rejoicing.
Way to go Spartans!

Completely unrelated....
I saw these two phone booths at the gas station we stopped at on the way home.
I just thought they looked so cool.
The colors, the texture of the wall behind them....
Once again, Eric probably things I'm nuts.
But I probably will blow it up and frame it anyway.
I like it.

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