Sunday, January 16, 2011

a bit more birthday

Sick again.
But I guess its no surprise.... seems to be my thing as of late.

Due to this illness (and that of Maddy) we had to postpone Cade's party.
He was not impressed. But I'll try to make it up to him.

Today, however, was the Casa G. celebration.
It was also one of the boy's birthdays too.

We always have a time of saying things we appreciate about the birthday person.
Many of the guys mentioned Cade's mad breakdancing skill.....
Not exactly about his person, but he seemed please.
We were cracking up - as each time someone said something, he got this big grin but then sort of rolled his eyes.

He seemed a little unsure of how to react, but it was darn cute!

I thought I wouldn't interrupt the moment with photos, but next, we all gather around the birthday people and pray for them.
It is a sweet time.
It was also a hard time, as praying for the boys and their personal situations can be very hard and emotional.
William has a tough story.
There were tears.

Then, of course, gifts are on the agenda.
Cade got some treats, a key chain and one of those book thingies where you collect all of the state's quarters. He wasn't jumping up and down about it, but I know that he will love hunting for those quarters.

Quinn, the daughter from one of the families that joins us each Sunday, also had special gift to share with everyone.
Cute, huh?

Want a closer look?
Even cuter up close, yes?

And then cake.
Not exactly the nicest transition after the above, but hey.... we did it in real life, you can do it on a blog.
So yes, cake.
And I didn't make it!!
William turned 17,
Cade turned 8,
1 plus 7 equals 8.
Perfect candles.

We should probably end with just one more picture, right?
I hope you aren't reading this just before dinner.
Although, I guess in some places, this could be dinner.

What a happy thought.

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