Thursday, January 13, 2011

new hat

Monday morning we got two bags of our stuff.
Quite exciting!!
Someone flew up from CA and brought them for us.

Everyone, save Maddy, was pretty excited.
Maddy only got some socks out of the deal.
And aside from a bunch of Christmas stuff that we no longer needed (at least until next year!), it was great to get some more of our things.
Cade and Lucy have been growing out of their clothes so Auntie Val kindly packed a bunch of the next size for them.

One of the items was this sweatshirt.
It is a hand-me-down from Mia.
She wore it a lot and I loved it on her.
Lucy had no love for it.

Since I couldn't possibly make it my size, I thought I'd just do something else with it:
I made myself a new little hat.
And other than the lousy sewing job....
look closely at the picture below.....
I love my new little treasure.
It is quite comfy too.

(something is up with my sewing machine.... not happy.... might have to take it in for repairs.... even more not happy..... it stopped working all together yesterday.....really, really not happy)

I made the little flower thingy from some wonderful crocheted flowers that Julie sent to me and some little leaves I made from white felt (I free motion sewed the leave veins with blue and red thread).
At first I made this one.
But it was a little too large for the hat with two flowers.
It will make a lovely pin on something or other.

I still have about half of the sweatshirt left.
Might have to see what else I can come up with....

You may find this hard to believe,
but Eric doesn't like my hat.
What does he know?

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