Friday, January 14, 2011

birthday boy - 8 years old!

He's eight.
That is a tough one to believe.
Especially considering most of his clothes are 5T.
(he is outgrowing some of them...)
What a peanut.

So the boy's birthday is being stretched out over five days.
Lucky duck.

His actual birthday, yesterday, was Thursday.
That means Casa G. boys over for dinner.
He wanted pancakes for dinner.
Casa G. and pancakes for dinner don't mix.
So, we had pancakes for dinner on Wednesday.
Green pancakes.
No, it wasn't St. Patrick's day.
It's what the boy wanted.

Now back a few days ago, when I was questioning Cade about what kind of cake he wanted, and all that rot, he gave me quite the answer:

"For my class I want a hamburger cake. Then when the Casa G. boys are over I want a cannon ball cake. For my party (saturday), I want a pirate ship cake and on Sunday at Casa G. I want..."
(mom interrupts)
"Woa dude! No no no no!
I love you but I am not making four fancy cakes.
Only two."
(pathetic look from son)
"Okay (he says begrudgingly).
Fine (he says with a pout).
I'll have a hamburger cake for school and a pirate ship cake for my party (he says like he's fish just died)."

So, hamburger cake for school:

Eric thought I put a real huge hamburger patty in between the cake.
I must say, it did look very real.
I just mushed up cake scraps (baked a 9 x 13, cut two circles for the bun, and the rest are the said scraps) with some cream cheese. Then I formed it just like you would a regular hamburger patty - only a lot bigger.
The relish is chopped up green gumdrops, onions are sliced "clear" gumdrops, the ketchup is strawberry jam and the mustard - yellow icing (I added a little bit of cocoa powder to it so it wasn't so bright, plain yellow.... it turned out to look much, much more like mustard!)

I couldn't go because of a meeting, but Eric brought the cake in to the school and said everyone went crazy over it.
Cade busted out with "I told my mom to make that!"... give credit where credit is due!

Then in the p.m., with Casa G., we had real hamburgers for dinner and plain ol' simple cupcakes made with the left over icing from the hamburger cake.
There were no moans or groans about it either.

The cupcakes are a little deformed from being in the freezer!
They were left over from when I made the snowman ones.
Love it when there is less work to do because it is already done.

We all had a great evening.
Except maybe Carlos:
I didn't include the close-up Eric took of his cut lip.
A Wii injury.

We've discovered that our aquarium is a little too small for playing Wii with four or five (or 10) extra rowdy guys.
Ricardo was playing, got so into it that he smashed Carlos in the mouth with the Wii remote.

Oh, and by the way,
at least someone likes my hat.
Happy Birthday K-dog!
We love you.

I linked the cake to thirty handmade days.

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