Wednesday, July 2, 2014

banner day

Today, a lovely day by current weather standards (it is a sunny 18 degrees, 68 or so in Fahrenheit - it has been rainy and in the mid-50s for days…weeks…flooding all over, farmers can't seed their fields or if they have, their seeds are rotting), is perhaps still a little dismal for the Ackermanns.
Since they are digging up our street, right in front of our house, we are without sewer.  Oh, there still is water - so that is good.  We just need to make sure it doesn't go down the drain.  And our fridge/freezer died, which we thankfully noticed before most of the stuff got nasty.  We do have electricity which is pretty good considering how often it has been out lately due to thunder storms.
But don't you worry, folks.  We are a hardy lot and we not only will survive, we will thrive (I sound like a Kaiser commercial).

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