Monday, July 21, 2014

bird's hill

On Thursday my lovely sister-in-law had the brainiack idea of going to Bird's Hill park for the day.  She's no stupid dummy.  Nuh-uh.  Unfortunately Kim was busy working (someone has to), but we got to drag along her kids.  We had a splendid time.

Glenda had to leave early to pick up Cole from soccer camp, so she took a load home with her around 3:30.  I stayed with four young beach babes for another hour and a half or so.  Not because of the others leaving, but that was my favourite part….. because the beach was significantly more empty by then and it wasn't quite as intensely hot (although still plenty warm, let me tell you!).  I tried to read on the beach (unsuccessfully - I needed a novel and I had a "inspirational" instead - just not a beach read for me).  So instead I enjoying watching the yahoos build a castle in the sand.  

And because we are super special and stayed later, we also go to get ice cream.  'Cause we're cool like that.
We had such a great time, we might just do it again this week.

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