Thursday, July 10, 2014

construction lunch

As you may have read previously, the road in front of our house is being torn apart.  Someone had the bright idea to replace pipes in that street while we were still living there!  Of all things!  All they had to do was wait a few months - but no, they had to start their destruction when the ground thawed.  Are their little machines not strong enough to dig through a Manitoba ground freeze?  (The correct answer is that it is probably humanly impossible to create a machine that is strong enough to dig through a Manitoba ground freeze!)
Okay, okay, so they are digging up our street.  Well, we decided to do something about it.  Look at them….. just sitting there while we are suffering under their lacking mercy (photo taken from our front door).

And what to do about it?  Well, the word at the top of this picture says it all:
You eat.
And you eat with them.
In all seriousness, now, we did have a BBQ.  The picture above is us preparing for it.  We rallied some friends to help us prepare and we had ourselves a (basic and simple) BBQ lunch for the workers.
It was kind of odd how it happened but both Eric and I sort of thought of it at the same time - hmmm…. God perhaps?  We were going to just do some cookies or whatnot and then figured that we may as well do a lunch.  So on Monday Eric went to talk to the foreman and asked him if was okay - and for how many people.  Apparently he seemed kind of embarrassed by us asking or something, but went a long with it.  They joked about how they were tearing up our road, making our lives miserable, and now we were going to feed them.  We warned them that they were eating at their own risk!!
So Wednesday (the 9th) we hauled out grill and whatever chairs we had, borrowed some tables, got some food ready and fed some rather nice, not-as-hungery-as-they-should-have-been men (I just say that because I pretty much expected each of them to eat about four hamburgers, three hot dogs and a whole lot of side-stuff each…. they didn't).  I didn't take a whole lot of pictures because I didn't want to be my usual obnoxious self - sticking my camera in everyone's face.
You'll notice that it was a lovely day, by the way.  We've had several days of wonderful weather.  And we are grateful!  Anyway, we don't know if they enjoyed it or thought we were a bunch of really weird people - or both - but we had a great time.

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