Monday, July 21, 2014

british soccer camp

Last week Lucy took soccer camp - not just any soccer camp - BRITISH soccer camp.  Complete with British soccer instructors.  Coach Stu and Coach Tom.  Complete with British accents.
Let me clarify something.  This is not English soccer camp… not necessarily coaches from England.  It is an important distinction, you know.
Anywho, Lucy loved soccer camp.  Loved it.  And she got nice and sweaty.  I consider that a good thing.  Although it didn't really seem to wear her out.  I consider that a bad thing.  Oh well, it was good anyway.  She is in the red shirt and white shorts.

Their last day they had a game with the kids against the two coaches (plus three kids).  Of course, since the losers got soaked with water, the coaches team lost…. the kids had been instructed to bring as much water with them as possible, just in case.

Before this game, Lucy's age group had their "world cup" game.  Lucy was on the US team, and they won against Brazil.  To represent their team, they were supposed to bring some sort of flag - we did a cake.
They got a lovely trophy made of a ball, cones and a pinnie.  Since Lucy was the only girl on the team, she pretty much refused to go in on the trophy acceptance with all those stinky, sweaty boys.

And then, at the end… the water dousing, followed by an all out and out water fight.

I put the camera away before the water really got going.  I'm no fool.  Or maybe not much of a fool.
Thankfully they had great weather all week and Lucy got to do camp with a good friend.  She already has plans to go next year and I'm all for it.

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