Monday, July 21, 2014

geo-catching and so on

I've got some wacky kids, and I've got proof:

Proof enough.
Some of my favourite bits of summer so far have been sitting in the swingy benchy thing in our backyard - my mom's, in the shade of a very big tree, reading.  It is lovely.  One of Lucy's favourite bits… playing around while I read.  

Acquiring the largest leaf, taking my order at her restaurant and making my food.  She is an excellent cook, by the way.  I don't remember exactly what this is - I think a mint mojito (sans alcohol, of course), and some tri tip salad of some sort.  Something like that.

You can see my lovely little garden in the background.  Beefsteak, roma and heirloom cherry tomatoes, peppers and a pumpkin!

Lucy also made some "bare-foot sandals" out of those popular rainbow loom rubber bandy things.  Kinda cute.
I've been pitting, cutting and freezing a lot of cherries for making all sorts of deliciousness.  It is tedious work, to say the least, and oh boy oh boy, it makes a mess of your hands.  The colour is really nice initially but it stains your hands a nasty brownish black.  Not so attractive.  It lasted several days and I felt like I needed to hide my hands on several occasions!

We've been wanting to do some geocaching.  I've been wanting to do it for several years but just never actually did anything about it.  Surprise, surprise.  Pretty typical of me.  Anywho, we finally took it on…. just some easy ones close to home.  
We went to hunt for one around a local drive-in type restaurant…. pretty smart way to get people to your business.  During our hunt, we found the signatures of our family on the car that they have there.  Its the thing to do - sign the car.
Mia found the cache.  She signed us in and our first search was complete.
Of course we had to do what they wanted us to do by putting the cache there in the first place…. we bought some ice cream (over-priced, not even that tasty ice cream).

We decided to try some more since we are such naturals at this whole thing. We had time to kill anyway - our landlords were showing the house we are living in.  So away we went.  We didn't have a whole lot of success after that.  Turns out the next cache is in the building or behind a locked gate.  Something like that.
We tried another one too without success.  Finally we figured that what we really needed to do was to use the gps instead so that we could get some more accurate readings.  So one of these days, we'll head out again and do some serious hunting.
We have a lot of things to do this summer.  We are slowly working our way through our summer "bucket list".  Not sure that we'll get them all done, but we are well on our way.

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