Monday, June 30, 2014

garage sale anyone?

Let me take you back to May 30.  Or was it the 31st?  Is there a 31st in May?  Whatever.  It was Saturday.  And it was time for a garage sale.  Since mom moved out of her place back in February, we stored a bunch of her stuff in our garage until such time as "garage sale season".  Specifically, Mitchell garage sale weekend - the town where my sister lives (but 5 minutes away).  They do this each year - where probably about 40% of people who live in this town have a garage sale on the same day.  Okay, maybe just 25%, but it is still a lot.
Organizing and pricing for a garage sale is not fun.  Really, it isn't.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.  The upside was that I have been to approximately 329 garage sales since we left Ecuador (a year ago!!! yikes - has it really been that long?  still miss it so much….), plus my weekly visit to the thrift store.  So I know second hand prices, baby.  I know.  That made it not quite as miserable as usual - trying to figure out how in the world to price things.  But it still isn't fun.

What also wasn't fun was the kids.  Well, the kids were fun, and they were also having fun.  On Friday evening when we were setting up, they were off playing, riding bikes and all that good nonsense.  But good nonsense took a bad turn and landed Mia on the ground in a bit of a bloody mess.
So we rinsed her off and doctored her up, using up a bunch of Kim's bandaids.  Then, maybe 15 minutes later, another Ackermann child - Lucy - also bit the asphalt.  Scraped up her knees pretty bad.  Luckily Auntie Kim had two large Sponge Bob Square Pants (Lucy's favourite…. oh, so not) bandaids.
Saturday arrived, scabs formed, and the garage sale started.  And the clouds lifted. 
Once the pricing and organizing is done and the whole thing is underway, it is fun.  Especially since their aren't a lot of over-hagglers here.  There are some, but this is nothing like Ecuador.  We had a great time hanging out together, joking around with customers, and of course - for me at least - doing a little shopping myself.  I scored a free - yes, that is right - FREE solid wood table and four chairs.  Yes, so they are in dire need of fixing and paint, and the table needs a new top.  But it was free, people.  And will be a great addition to our new room above the garage.  Happy Carla.

Timaya made some snicker doodles to sell, and they also made lemonade.  So the cousins all hung around the food station and took turns fighting over who got to sit in what chair and got to take the money serving the customers.  Kim and I were tempted to post a disclaimer that we were not liable for any dental work needed after indulging in the baked goods, but we chose to abstain.  More for comedy purposes of course, not for real.

What a bunch of weirdos.

The only real lowlight (is that an actual term?  I mean in regards to things other than haircolor?) was the "snow".  There are these trees here, forgive me for forgetting what type right this moment (perhaps poplar?), that give off a whole lot of fluff.  The females of these trees, that is.  Well, it "snowed" fluff all day and there ended up being piles of it all over everything.  Kind of crazy.  Although kind of entertaining too.
Kim and Glenda, being the amazing mothers that they are, provided snacks and a sumptuous lunch for all of the kids (our kids, that is…. not all the neighbourhood kids).  By sumptuous I mean boxed macaroni and cheese, of course… oh, and with ketchup.  And what did I provide, you ask?  Nothing.  That's right - nothing.  Because I stink at being a mother and even after 16 and a half years of it, I still don't think ahead to thinks like food.  Okay, I don't stink at being a mother (most of the time) but I still don't think ahead about stuff like feeding people.
But I did bring my phone - as evidenced by the photos.  And if you were stranded on a deserted island, what would you rather have?  Snacks and a sumptuous lunch or your phone?
Don't answer that.

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