Wednesday, June 11, 2014

street math

So I drive home from a dentist appointment today (a consultation for Cade and Lucy) and in my way, as I try to drive up the driveway, are all four children and my spouse.  What in the world?
They are all smiles, writing on the sidewalk.  Grinning away.  What in the world?
They let me drive up and I park, exit the car and have Lucy run up to say Come see!  Come see!
Turns out that they are doing some street math.
See, they are about to tear up our street.  As in completely demolish it, making it near impossible to exit or enter our home, while they put in new pipes.  We are thrilled beyond belief about the whole thing.  Especially because it will make our waiting to move into our new house that much more enjoyable.  Or something.
All along the street, for blocks, there are these numbers: whatever number + whatever number.  While walking home from the dentist appointment (Eric left early), Eric noticed that they were math problems.  When he got in the house he called all the kids, asked if anyone had sidewalk chalk, and asked if any of them wanted to do some math.  It took a second or two, but Cade caught on (they had obviously noticed the numbers before) and they all got excited and giggly and went outside to do some math.

The weirdest/best part was that they all - as in all four of them - thought it was hilarious and all participated.  That right there is what we call a rarity!
Cade, Mia and Lucy went all the way down to Main Street to do the math.
So back to the grins.  After I found out what was going on, there were six big grins on Kroeker Ave.!

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