Sunday, December 30, 2012

december 1

Part of the gift giving of Christmas came a little early this year.  Since Grandma came and played Christmas delivery person for family back at home, we celebrated early.  The kids were pretty excited to see gifts under the tree so early.  They were even more excited when they found out that some of them were going to be opened early as well!

Cade received lego, nano hex (? - something like that) bugs; Lucy got a beautiful dress and a doll (who is now her constant companion); Mia received some Barbie stuff and paints and; Maddy got some clothes, iTunes gift cards and fun girl stuff.  They all got others things as well, but that is all my brain can remember right now.  There'll be more pictures below, so you can figure it out yourself!
Surprisingly, Eric was not quite as into the festivities as the kids were.....
Grandma also received several treasures.  The kids had made some jewelry for her before she came, so she was overwhelmed with earrings and a bracelet.  She also got a bird key chain and a little glass dish.

Mia's Apples to Apples game became the next big thing in the family.  For about two weeks we played the game everyday.  Several times during dinner.  It made for some very good times and good laughs.  And a little bitterness (who can blame me?  Seriously, my words were way better than everyone else's!   Why didn't they get picked ever?!).
Mom also received a very, very lightly used robe from me.  I think I used it twice - but it is the softest, coziest robe ever made so used or not, that there was a good gift.  I like it on my mom better, plus then she is cozy to snuggle up beside!

It was also time to start our advent devotions and start to decorate our Jesse tree.  The kids got excited about taking turns each night reading the bible verses and stories.  Cade got to start on the first night - November 29.

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