Tuesday, December 18, 2012

take a cold shower

Have you ever not been able to take a shower because you are out of cold water?  
Yes, I said cold water.
Ya, so running out of hot water is pretty common.  In this country you sometimes have to find out if certain places even have hot water.  But yesterday, at our house, we didn't have cold water.
I was in the shower - the water was nice and hot.  Too hot.  I kept turning up the cold water but it wouldn't cool down.  Finally I turn the hot off (the cold is all the way on) and not a drop of water comes out.  Okay, well maybe a drop.
Check the sink faucet.  No cold water.  Check another bathroom. No cold water.
Thankfully we do have cold water in the other shower.  Of course, this shower has a terrible shower head and water pressure so in order to get clean you have to run around in a circle to get wet, hoping enough drops of water hit you.  By that time you are a sweaty mess from moving around so much that the point of showering is null and void.  Okay, that last part isn't true, but it is a lousy shower.
We are clueless (shall I stop there....) as to why this is our current situation, although we are now suspicious that our water for those bathrooms is connected to the apartment below us.  They have been known to repeatedly have their electricity turned off, have their rent not paid, etc.  Perhaps the water is turned off as well.
Does that mean they are paying for some of our water bill?   Hmmmm no wonder they might not be able to pay it.

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