Wednesday, December 12, 2012

christmas bazaar #3

It happened again - the annual Christmas bazaar at the school - November 28th.  This year was simply a miracle that we made any money at all.  With working, photography and every day life, I had next to no time to make anything.  Thankfully I had some stuff left over from last year and held two craft nights where some wonderful friends came to help out and make stuff.  Forgetful me forgot to take pictures of this..... not real happy about that.... I love those women and we had a great time.  I wish I had photos to capture it.
Thankfully I also have a generous and flexible boss at the school so I was able to be at the table most of the day.  It was a Wednesday, which is normally a full day's work for me, but he allowed me to hang out there.  Surprisingly, it was actually a great time to connect with students so it actually aided in my job.  The teachers all love to let their students come in and shop so there are students in there all the time.
The list of items sold: dog walking bags (left over from last year)
embellished towels (left over)
snowman ornament kits (left over)
pad and pen sets (new)
The pad and pen sets were something we worked on at the first craft night.  We had about 10 ladies:  Sandi, Marlo, Mikala, Katie, Jenna, Ashley, Dana, Rachel, Debbie, Kristin... oh, I should never have started.... I'm probably forgetting someone.  It was so fun to see all of the different things everyone did. I loved the variety of styles and creativity.  We decorated the outside of the pad of paper, stuck a magnet on the back and used coordinating paper to decorate a pen as well.  They turned out very nice.
micro-slide ornaments - new
little bit of jewelry - new
crocheted headbands (donated by Kristin)
candy cane reindeer (same as the last two years but don't worry - definitely new!)
chocolate covered marshmallows 
gum advent count downs
These were the same as what I made for friends last year.  We made them on the second craft night.  We had fewer ladies but just as much fun.  And again it was fun to see all the different ideas and styles.
The big seller is always the cheap stuff and the food.  The marshmallows on a stick - dipped in chocolate or candy melts and sprinkles sold for $.25 each but they went like hot cakes.  So many kids come in and want to buy a quick snack.  And everyone loves the candy canes - and if they are reindeer, all the better.
The table next to me had a bunch of imported candy - the kinds of boxes of candy they sell at Walmart: Mike and Ikes, Sour Patch Kids, etc.  They sold them for $2.50 and they sold like hot cakes.  I think this summer I should buy enough to fill a 50 lb bag and call it good - that would probably make enough money for a great Casa G. Christmas!  In the end, $300 was made for Casa G.  Something we are very thankful for!

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