Wednesday, December 19, 2012

God's funny ways

As is the case for pretty much everyone right now (except maybe Eric.... he doesn't do "extra activity"!), life is super busy.  There are a million things to do at work and another million at home.  Simply put, I'm swamped.  So perhaps I should get my fanny off the couch and my fingers off the computer and get a move on.....  Yea, anyway.  
Last night I was a bit overwhelmed thinking about one project - editing some photos of a family - and how I could possibly get them done in time (deadline: 9:00 p.m. today).  At the same time I was longing for some time in the bible and had not had that yet.  Well, the bible won out and God reminded me that He would take care of the rest.
He did.  I am currently home with a sick Mia instead of at work.
Eric was sick last week, then I was, then Cade and now Mia.  She actually came home half way through Monday, was home yesterday and now today.  She did get up and get dressed this morning but it was obvious she wasn't fit for school still.  Eric and I thought she'd be better today - she was feeling better last night - so he took off and went fishing last night.  That means I am home from work.
It is kind of a bummer as we were having a special on-the-roof-of-the-dorm-roasting-marshmallow-Christmas-music chapel that I planed.  I have to miss it.  That isn't happy.  And people have to do some of my final work for it.  That isn't happy either.  However, God provided and in his provision He is also helping me to be more humble.  I was getting kind of proud of my plans.
He does have some funny ways.  But they are always, always good.

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