Thursday, December 13, 2012

on santa's knee

I've gotten to know quite a few US embassy people in these past few months.  Several of the ladies are involved in an outreach called "Quito Cares".  They raise money to give to various charities.  One event that they have annually is photos with Santa.  This year they asked me to be the photographer.
Since I don't have approval to post photos of all the other people, I'm just posting some of my buddy!
There were about 35 families that showed up.  Several were with little children who went into frightened hysterics when they got near Santa.  It was a little comical.  Well, for me, not for their parents!
This is my little buddy whom I have photographed quite a bit already.  I love this little guy.  And apparently he loves Santa.  I don't think he was ever this silent or still so long when we were trying to do his photos.  Little stinker!
Maddy got to have a little time with him as well, and so did I.  Lots of cozy snuggling.  This was the highlight for both Maddy and I - for me because I just like snuggling with a cute little baby; for Maddy because she was bored out of her mind (she came to help me).  
Well, I was glad she was there.

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