Tuesday, January 1, 2013

not a very good chicken - aka: more from arasha

There were some very important details that I left out of my previous entry on our trip with my mom to Arasha.  One story in particular that will probably have lasting effects on our family - all about bad chickens.

The kids were having chicken fights in the water.  Lucy on Maddy, Cade on Mia.  All was fine and fair until Lucy and Maddy began to defeat Cade and Mia.  Cade fell into the water.  He came up sputtering and mad, saying very seriously and angrily to Mia “You’re not a very good chicken!”  The rest of us lost it and it is now our favorite insult when someone messes up on something.  Apparently none of us are very good chickens.

There are some water dancers in the family, we discovered.  We got a few performances that we were blessed to watch.  Very entertaining - we’ll leave it at that.

 Eric was a good whale, however.  He has an incredible lung capacity so he would just lay in the water floating for a long old time.  The kids would climb on him and then, without warning, he would launch them off his back.  Several on-looking kids appeared very jealous that they didn’t have such a fun, whale-like dad.

 There were many types of on lookers.  This one I had to capture on my mom’s camera (she may be shocked looking back at her photos).  If you are wondering what in the world I was taking a picture of - look closer.  No, that older lady’s bottom is not eating her bathing suit.  She really was wearing a g-string.  Some things should never be done, no matter what culture you are from.  Just saying....
 Mom and I also went to the coffee making workshop.  I didn’t participate nor enjoy the fruits of others’ labour, but I did enjoy watching my mommy enjoy it all.  Since there is no grimace on her face during the grinding of the coffee, I believed it when she said that  grinding coffee is much easier than grinding chocolate.  The effort for the chocolate is much more worth it in my books. 

Okay, that’s it.  I think we are done with Arasha now. 

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