Thursday, January 10, 2013

baby steps

Seven straight days on my back in bed.  Fun times.  I really did a number on my back, but all I really did was ride in a car for a few hours.  Sheesh.  Things have gotten better, however - Praise the Lord!  I can now walk to the bathroom with out much trouble at all; I took a shower all by myself (well, I did that before,,,,the actual shower part!), and can move around in my bed without too much pain.  Still need to get to the point of standing and sitting without pain - and I'm a long way off (it seems) from bending, crouching, reaching and that kind of stuff.  Baby steps.
Eric is amazingly patient and helpful.  This is true love - someone having to take care of their spouse and all the kids by themselves, work and do everything to keep a household running...all without complaining or being grumpy.  I am blessed.
Lucy has been taking good care of me too.  Everyday she comes home from school and gives me a nice long foot massage.  She uses about a cup of lotion to do it too, so I've pretty much got the softest )or slimiest) feet around!  She also left breakfast for me yesterday.
She sacrificed her own Nutella (each of the kids got a jar of it in their stockings) and left a nutella sandwich and a banana beside my bed for me in the morning (I was still sleeping and woke up a few hours later!  the bread was a little dry....).  She also had a glass of yogurt for me but Eric wisely made her keep it in the fridge (yogurt here is almost entirely for drinking - you can find very little of the thicker, spoonable kind).  She's a pretty sweet kid.  Of course she keeps forgetting the reason why I am bed-ridden and continually pounces on the bed or grabs my knees/legs to hug them, sending me into a fit of pain.  Well, we'll just focus on the foot massages......
I'm praying and praying that this will all be over soon.  There is a lot on my plate for this month and already things have had to be rescheduled.  All in God's time.  In the meantime, I am trying to enjoy the peace and quite that I have.

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