Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Christmas with Casa G

Celebrating Christmas with Casa G is always a highlight.  Who wouldn't love giving and receiving gifts with these ever-enthusiastic guys?  Personally it was a bit of a let down as I had to miss a good portion of the festivities - because of the way we needed to do it this year, I had to tend to our 35 pound turkey and other things of that nature.  I did love hearing all the laughter, talking and all that good stuff though.  We also didn't do as much with gifts this year so that was kind of sad, but there was still plenty of joviality to be had.  Watching the boys open gifts is always entertaining!
One of the great parts of the celebrations this year was that all of Casa G's staff was invited.... their tutor (below, with her grandson), the house dad and his whole family.  Having the buzz of all those people is  energizing.
We had our annual game of open-the-gifts-wearing-the-hat-scarve-and-mittens-while-everyone-else-rolls-the-dice-for-a-turn game (really need to come up with a name for this game).  Everyone always loves it and it is fun whether you are watching or playing.  It didn't last as long as it usually does however.  Eric took it a little too easy on them this year and didn't go crazy with the tape and wrapping.

They also played another game that Phil and Debbie brought.  It involved some plastic stick type thing that told them that they had to do a certain action to it..... I was downstairs getting dinner ready so I don't quite know how it all goes, but it was hilarious hearing all the shouts and laughter coming from above.
After Phil's devotional, gifts and games, it was time to eat.  Debbie and I had divided up the cooking tasks and everything was mighty tasty!  Phil carved up that huge bird (wish I had pictures....) and we all ate like mad people.  Considering how much I love traditional thanksgiving and Christmas dinners now, I can't believe how much a disliked it as a child.
Lucy was so excited about dinner that she sat in front of the oven, staring at its contents for a good, long old time.  What a goof ball.

After dinner we had a despedida (farewell) for Dani.  Dani was the house dad at Casa G for a little over a year and half.  He lived with the boys during the week.  He quit because he is getting married (in four days now) so we figured we should probably let him go.  Most of his family has been involved with Casa G in someway or another, so they were all there as well.  Great family.  We also invited boys who had left Casa G but with whom Dani had work previously.  One of the boys who left quite a while ago even brought gifts.  This mug that we got was the best gift all season.  To know that a boy who used to live on the street now is thoughtful and kind enough to go out, buy a gift and wrap it speaks volumes about where he is at in his life.  We pray that it is a reflection of who Christ is to him and how he is living out his life for Him.

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