Tuesday, July 31, 2012

water slides!

Hi this is Mia writing. 
So on Tuesday July 24th we went to a water slide place with two other families. But the water slides aren't good quality.

The water slide in this picture goes down a little bit and then around and then if you are just sitting normally you completely stop and you can walk down until this spot that actually goes fast and then go slowly to the end.

Mikala was trying to walk up the slide but failed.

As you can see Maddy and her friend Mikala stopped and had to walk.
This a picture on a very steep slide that went very fast.
There was a very small slide that just went around very slowly ( you had to walk down almost all of it).

We all went at the same time and ran into each other it hurt but it was fun.
Cade and Nick very weird.
Maddy and Mikala were hibernating while reading.
Jack Jack in the yellow thingy is very cute and funny sometimes you don't know if he is talking to you or not. Which in this picture he is talking to me.
We got ice cream and then swam a little bit more then went home.
We all had fun and most of us want to do it again.

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