Saturday, July 7, 2012

la playa (that's "the beach" en español!)

Last week, we got a bit of a change - nice!  We went to the beach - Canoa - with the Jensens.  Because Eric had to work, we left on Sunday with the Jensens and Eric came late Wednesday (actually early Thursday) to join us.
On the long journey there (6 hours or so), Lucy and Marlo shared headphones and watched "The Sound of Music".  It was kinda precious watching them watch together.
The government has been making many efforts to make and improve roads all over the country.  It is probably the most outstanding thing that has gone on in this country and something that you can give props to President Correa for.  The methods, however, are still completely and utterly Ecuadorian.... free of logic, safety and practicality.  Take this road for example.
They had miles and miles of newly paved road with one side completely blocked.  They were keeping traffic off of this side (for over a week - it was still like that when we drove home on Saturday) with rocks and branches.  That left one lane for two directions of traffic to share - on a "highway".  Plus, the edge of the side you were allowed to drive on had a sharp drop (only a few inches, but still) and about 1 to 2 inch spikes of rebar sticking up every few inches.....  I won't say any more about it, you can imagine the situation for yourself.
Cade was in heaven as he got to hang out with Nick the whole week.  Nick is going into seventh grade but is a great friend to Cade.  It isn't very often that Cade gets to have a buddy of his own, so any chance is amazing for him.
While I was almost finished brushing out Lucy's hair, I realized I might just need to take a picture.  This girl gets crazy knots.  I don't know what in the world this girl does, but her hair is a disaster the majority of the time.  Rat's nest is the best description.
One morning we found a dead turtle on the beach.  They vultures had been at it for a while, so I won't make the picture to big!  It had some thing around its neck and a metal something-or-other the held it, so we are gathering that someone was trying to catch it.  A few hours later, it was gone.  We're sure someone is happy with their nice, new turtle shell.
And now for some cuteness that needs no commentary:

The second day at the beach, Lucy and I were jumping waves together in the water.  All of a sudden, she said "ouch" and lifts up her foot.  Stuck in her heal were five spikes from these shells that you find quite regularly on the beaches here.  They definitely are dangerous.  Lucy was amazing as she just let me pull those suckers out of her foot (two were very hard to remove).  She was bleeding quite a bit but "she didn't scream or nothing" (Planes, Trains and Automobiles quote).  They left five lovely little polka-dot marks on her.
After this incident, Mia took on a personal mission of ridding the beach of these shells for the reminder of the week.

At one point, Cade made some sort of mess spilling something - can't recall what - and had to clean it up.  He was very unhappy about this.  Maddy took it upon herself to capture the moment.

Poor Cade.  Being the only male for the majority of the time, got a little annoyed with us girls.  The song "Somebody that I used to know" was running through my head the entire week, so I was always singing it.  The girls regularly joined me and we would often serenade him with his now most hated song.
We made yummy smoothies pretty well every lunch.  We all highly recommend mango-strawberry.

Cade caught a crab he cleverly named "Hermie".  He became the gang's pet.... well, for an hour or so.

The place we stayed at had a swim-up bar at the pool.  Unfortunately nothing has been maintained very well - it is all privately owned apartments that most people come to on the weekends, rent out or that sort of thing.  It has evidence of being a very nice place when it was built but is now quite run down.  We did take full advantage of it, however, except for the basketball court that had a completely rusted out hoop that was crookedly tied on with a rope.
Back to the swim-up bar.... Marlo made coco batidos one afternoon that we all got to enjoy poolside.

Coco batidos (kind of like a coconut smoothy/milkshake) are one of my greatest pleasures in Ecuador.  The ones at Barnabes in Same are to dye for..... just so you know.
Cade found another temporary pet - a mini frog.
They kids all played "find the stick" in the pool as well.  It was a good game that worked for most of the ages, as we had a variety.  One person places a small stick at the bottom of the pool.  The others wait on the side until they spot it and then dive it to get it.  Whomever gets it first wins and is the next stick planter.

Lucy was happy to read and eat Cheetos instead.

Who needs snowmen when you can make the Sandman?
This next picture of Cade shows a happy addition.....
Daddy finally arrived.  Daddy's arrival means being thrown around in the pool.

Notice the big grin on Cade's face as he is being launched?  
I felt awfully sorry for Nick - I should have taken a picture of him.  He was dying to be thrown as well, but unfortunately Nick is a rather large 12-year-old.  Eric is pretty darn strong, but that would have been a little much.  Sometimes it stinks to grow up.
And what beach trip would be complete without a good sunset picture?  So as not to disappoint......
Taken from our doorway.  Ahhhhhh.

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