Sunday, July 1, 2012

a beautiful day at the Edgren's

This is Lucy writing about Thursday, June 21.
The Pringle box looked like a flashlight.
Momma getting ice cream for Mia, Cade and me - homemade ice cream!
We painted Mia's room purple.
The outlet covers were off for painting in Mia's room.
It was a nice light purple.
Momma stirring seafoam paint.
Brushes to paint with and they looked like a person watching tv.
The paint and the brushes.
Cade's room with blue and seafoam.
We painted Cade's room blue and seafoam.
Maddy making pina coladas.
All the ingredients in the blender.
Now it is getting mixed up.
The straws looking like "x"es.
My pina colada.
Me and Maddy's pina coladas.
We went to the Edgren's for dinner.  This is some of the food.
Everybody brought different food.
I had Sprite and it looked cool.
Cade trying to get out of the picture.
Our friend Nick drinking his soda.
Cade's soda.
The beautiful sight in the night at the Edgren's.
Me trying to take a picture of myself.
Another picture of the beautiful sight in the night.
All the lights were pretty.
Momma making a mean face for my picture.
Mom's cake.
The End.

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