Tuesday, July 3, 2012

park day

Just so you know - this is going to be Cade blogging.....
(I'll be putting in some explanations in italics!)
 Cade's room
 Lucy's room
 What time is it it's summer time
This is a line from a song in High School Musical Two - pretty much every time the kids have asked "what time is it?" over the last month, I've burst into song answering in this manner.  They were fairly annoyed, but now they do it to each other as well.....
 Nolly the cat
 Perry the Platapus
 Lucy's ballon
 Scuppers running around
Scuppers is our friends' new dog.  The kids are quite in love and begging even more than before for a dog.  Daddy is maintaining his negative stance on this issue.
 Mia the fire face
Okay, so our friends the Reicherts found this park outside of Quito.  It is amazing.  Mostly because it reminds me so much of home - Manitoba.  I literally was in tears with joy.  Forest with paths through it, pine needles laying all over the ground, fresh air......Heaven.
 What is that
 Maddy and Scuppers
That looks cool
 Scuppers at the rat infested park
Dogs were not technically allowed at this park.  Beth kept him in her bag a lot of the time when it possible that a worker might see him.  We found out right before we left (as she took the dog for a bathroom break and got caught) that they don't allow dogs because there was a rat infestation and they have been treating for the rats - therefore it is a danger to dogs.  So far, Scuppers remains healthy!
 Lunch time
The park also has a bunch of areas where they have tables, benches and chairs made/carved out of tree stumps.  LOVE.  And I think I have officially found the best place for taking families' pictures.
 Cade, Nick and Lucy 
 Nick and Carleigh 
 Looks cool
 Lucy and Nick
 Still lunch time
 Looks cool
 Stick knife 
 Carleigh loves bushs 
 Carleigh on the ground
 Pine cone
 Nick vs Jack
 Orange tongues  
 Mia and Scuppers
 Two friends  
 Back to the car
Jack and his stick gun 
 I see you Nick
 Nick attack 

Walking  to the park 
Still walking to the park
Jack lost his sheo
Still walking to the park
Carleigh In the bushs
Still walking to the park
Cade is awesome
He is also hilarious!  I've been cracking up reading his  comments.  The park also has this area with a playground and exercise "machines" for seniors - it seems to be the latest trend here in Ecuador.  Several parks are getting these.  They may be for seniors, but that doesn't stop the kids from making them into something fun.
Mia and scuppers
Cade,  Maddy, and Mikala   
Carleigh on the swings 
Mia and scuppers
Carleigh loves the swigs
Carleigh jumping
Cade and scuppers
Back to the car
Cade and the centur
Centurs butt
Cade and the centur
Map of the park
It was one of the very best days that I have had here in Quito to date.  I feel like I need a trip to this park at least once a week for mental health..... just walking down the paths for an hour or so would do me a world of good!

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