Thursday, July 19, 2012

Maddy blogging

The other day, we made frozen fruit bites.
It was a simple, yet yummy snack. 
 We crumbled some Nestle cookies and added a cream cheese concoction over top, then stuck them in the freezer. 
 We also got some raspberries and blackberries, a very special and expensive treat here. 

 After the cream cheese concoction was frozen,  we added berries
 All of our bites lined up
Please note that Lucy took all of the pictures. 

On another note: 
Mikala was over the other day, and we made these yummy Oreo cheesecake bites, which we put in the freezer downstairs. The next day, we decided to eat them for breakfast, and we went downstairs. Upon opening the freezer door, two were missing. 
Mikala and I questioned everyone in the house, and no one took them. 
The only thing that is possible is that Doña Mari, the caretaker downstairs, took them. 
The next day, I went downstairs again to get the rest of the bites. 

One was back. 

I guess she didn't like them. 

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