Monday, December 26, 2011

the nativity story

Christmas morning we watched this:
While a few things are not portrayed exactly as the bible states, it is a rather good movie about Mary, Joseph and the birth of Christ.
And it caught me.
Now I have heard, studied, and pondered this story countless times.  Its significance in my life and in the lives of millions is indescribable.  But when I saw the actual birth of God depicted - when Mary was pushing and Joseph receiving the All Powerful Creator God, but in the package of a completely helpless, crying baby - it completely overwhelmed me.
Can you get the sacrifice?  Can any of us really understand it?  Really?
The God who calls the earth His footstool - became one fraction of that earth's population.... and then did it all so that He could die for us.  And that is only a part of it all.
The whole thing is crazy - love like that.  Crazy amazing.

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