Sunday, December 18, 2011

jesse tree

 This is the first year that I have ever heard of the Jesse Tree tradition.  I read about it around three months ago and then researched it a little more.  At some point I came across this website.  I read about her book One Thousand Gifts and a little of her blog when she went to visit Compassion children in Ecuador.
While at times her language is a little too flowery or descriptive for me, her heart is amazing.   God has definitely gifted her.
Anyway, she has a Jesse tree advent written out with devotionals for every day and pictures that you can print out to make ornaments.  I did just that and we have enjoyed the daily journey through the bible leading us to Christ.
I simply printed out the pictures, glued them to red card stock and laminated them with clear contact paper.  One day I would like to make other ornaments to replace these, but for now, they are great.
Our Jesse Tree sits in our "new" family room.
We decorated the tree with some lights and ribbons, as well as some rolls of scripture.  They are leftover from the wreaths that I made last year.
This is essentially what a Jesse Tree is: journeying through all the stories and the family background of Christ's genealogy.  It is a wonderful way to keep the focus on what Christmas is truly about.

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