Saturday, December 10, 2011

christmas bizarre 2

Wednesday was the Christmas bizarre.
 Nothing glamorous but we had lots of good stuff.
 I asked for the same location as last year - mainly because it was easy access for the kids to come and visit me.
(This was how the tree was at the beginning - obviously it looked horrible, so it got changed pretty quick - way too much stuff on it!  And I wasn't allowed to put lights on it - couldn't use electricity)
It was pretty slow.   Okay, it was really slow.  Last year wasn't really hopping either, but it was definitely more slow than last year.  I was a little concerned.  People loved what we had.  There were a lot of great comments.  But not a ton of actual purchases.  The biggest sellers were the candy cane (reindeer) once again - no shock there (Mom, can you buy more candy canes again for next year, pretty please?).   Marlo's almond roca and my hot chocolate on a stick and caramel chocolate pretzels sold fairly well also.  And the little letter ornaments.
But here's the thing.  While it didn't seem like there was a lot of buying, there was.  The total amount we made, after expenses (including Sunday's sale) was $675!  That is great!  I was thrilled.
I really feel like God multiplied our efforts.  It doesn't seem like it was possible, with the little that it felt like we sold, that it could have added up to that much, but it did.  Ya, $675 isn't dozens of dollars, but it certainly is nothing to sniff at.  To me, with all appearances, it felt like a little bit of a 5 loaves and 2 fish miracle.  And I am so grateful.

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