Monday, December 26, 2011

christmas without Christ

The kids - elementary school - had a wonderful Christmas program on Thursday.  I wish I could remember what the name of the whole thing was, but I'm going to call it "Christmas Without Christ" after one of the songs from the musical they sang a lot at home.
There was a play with songs in between that various grades sang.
I was pretty far away, but thankfully a friend got some better pictures up close.  The first one looks like they are doing the Macarana, but don' worry, they're not!

Cade is very intense when he does his songs.

And then Mia.

Mia was quite worried about one of their songs.  Apparently no one was getting the words of the second verse right.  Sure enough, they messed up, although it was hardly noticeable.  It did, however, cause Mia some serious anxiety.
The teachers obviously put a lot of work into the whole program and it paid off.... it was very well done.

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