Monday, April 15, 2013

just another saturday - heads bitten off and cats thrown in the lake

Before the violence, feast your eyes on these.
Yes, deliciousness.  I baked 120 or so cupcakes for our Student Council to give out to teachers and staff for Friday's Appreciation Day.  I don't mean to brag - but I do kinda mean to brag.  They were scrumptious.  Chocolate cupcakes with either mocha buttercream and toffee bits or salted caramel buttercream with chocolate shavings.  I could bathed in the salted caramel.  Well - I wouldn't have actually wanted to bath in it... merely an expression to show how very much I wanted to keep eating it. Hard to believe Heaven will be better than that.

On to our Saturday.  This was the first Saturday in a very long time with nothing on the agenda for me. Bliss.  But I still felt that I needed to be productive.  Darn those feelings.  What I really wanted was to be creative - for just a little while at least.  Then Eric reminded me that I had talked about writing/coloring on the walls.  What joy!  See, since our house is being bashed down in two and a half months, I figured we could use the walls as our canvases.  We told the kids they could "have at it" in their rooms and draw, write and color to their hearts content.  And we told me that too.
So I did.
I actually wanted to do this a long time ago anyway but just never did it.  Since we have a projector, we also have a large naked wall, which bothers (bothered) me greatly.  So I figured I'd paint a big huge frame on the wall that surrounds where the projector projects.  The original idea was to do it really nice, but since we are just here for a little bit I thought I'd do a elementary coloring version and I love it.  It is about 4 x 6 feet.

After I got that out of my system, I actually did set to work to sort and pack.  We're pulling out stuff to sell so that we don't have to pack it all up and store it while we are gone for 7 months.
Have I mentioned that?  That we are taking a 7 month furlough?  We are.  And we are super excited!!!!!  Summer in California and first semester in Steinbach, Manitoba.  Yahoo!  Anyway, having the big dilemma about what to sell, pack or what-have-you.
I've also been trying to motivate the kids to do the same but they haven't been very keen on it.  Maddy took me up on it though and went at her room and stuff will full force.

The other kids stuck with playing and having friends over.  Lucy decided a puppet show was just the thing.  Here's how it went:
Act 1
Once there was a man who had a cat.  The cat was getting older and older and it's teeth were getting duller and duller.  So the man decided to throw the cat in the lake.
Then the man found a dog.  The dog was very big and it bit the man's head off.

Act 2
There were two dogs.

The man (he got a new head at the head shop) wanted the two dogs, so he got them.
(or something like that...)  Oh, and the cat came back (the very next day....).
Cade decided they should also make a video of the whole production.
Later when friends came over, the whole puppet show idea caught on, so we were treated to another event.  I'd tell you the story line but it was much more complex with more characters.  Besides I had to leave after a fraction of the first act because an earlier puppeteer was needing some discipline.

That was all I got to see, but from the look on Mia's face it was going to be a doozy!!

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