Sunday, April 7, 2013

another haircut

I need a life.  Well, I need a life like a used to have here.  More time to blog, more boredom to bring forth my absurdly witty sense of humor, more time to make this worth reading.  Sorry.  I currently have too much of a life to get a real, lamer life.
There are a whole bunch of entries that I want to get to - lots of great things that we have been doing and all that.  They will have to wait.  Since they will take significantly more energy to write - because I'll need to be a little more intelligent and deep - I'll go with regular life, self-entertaining stuff.  Like today - just a good ol' regular Sunday in the Ackermann household.
Before church it was Spanish project time.  Odd time to work on a project, I know.... but it was self-spurred by Cade.  Good thing too, because it is due on Tuesday (and his dad would have been on him to do it later anyway....).  Mia and Lucy wanted in on the painting fun, so they helped him out.  Hopefully no deductions will result.

You may have noticed, as I didn't, that none of them are wearing appropriate painting clothes.  Yes, I took their pictures, watched them work, made comments, gave compliments and did all sorts of things great mothers do.... except for notice they were wearing nice clothes while using paint.  I won't tell you how many fatalities there were.  Lets just say it is good that we are heading to North America (read: land of inexpensive replacement clothing) in two and a half months.
After church it was on to Casa G. and today was (I suppose it still is) Jackson's birthday.  Love that guy.  It took several people to light all 18 candles.  And then half of them needed to be relit after Lucy blew out the match... and a bunch of candles which were in her "blowing path".

After lunch but before birthday festivities, went to the park with everyone to watch an evangelistic flash mob that one of the boys was involved in, and then took in some soccer that another of the boys was playing.  
And after Casa G., because my darling son actually made the request (instead of us forcing the issue), I gave Cade a haircut.  The before (not usually looking so nerdy with it sort of parted and brushed to the side... not sure what happened there):
Cade let Mia have at his hair before I buzzed it.  I had to remind her several times not to cut it too close otherwise we were going to have another "boy in the striped pajamas" situation.  If he could have seen the look of sadistic pleasure on her face, he may not have let her do any cutting.

The after - as in after Mia was through with him.  She may need a little more training if there are any grand thoughts of "professional stylist" for her future.

And the real after.  Crazy what a difference hair makes!
While it seems awfully disgusting to allow him to play with his hair after it was cut off, I did anyway.  I'm cool like that.
But seriously - why does hair seem so gross when it is chunks that are cut off and on the floor but it was glorious two seconds before it was snipped and hit the ground.  Hmmmm.  Deep thoughts.....

Cade and Mia's idea of a fauxhawk.... (don't worry, I didn't let them glue it on his head.  I may be cool, but I ain't stupid).
Soon everyone will be doing it.

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