Tuesday, November 27, 2012

throwing the bomb

My mom is here!!!  
Okay, that has nothing to do with the subject but I can't seriously write about something else without mentioning this blissful news.  There will be more on that later.  But now, the news at hand.....

There was a bomb threat at school today.  Thankfully, it was after school was out so that majority of students were gone.  There were still soccer, basketball and drama practices, intramural soccer for elementary and stuff like that.
Maddy was at drama.  I get a call from her just after 5 saying that they had an emergency evacuation.  She can't tell me what is going on though and we shouldn't come down there.  Then she sent a text "just pray".  I text her "are you okay?" and she writes back "scared out of my mind".
Okay....  Well, we went down anyway.
There is chaos.  Well, well-controlled chaos, to be fair.  Just a lot of people with a lot of worried looks.  And some students in quite a state of panic.  Apparently a parent miss-overheard one of the police saying something and threw what was a fairly sane, non-panicked crowd into mayhem.  We won't go into all that..... we gave a bunch of people a ride home and then called it a day.
Some emotions are still running high, however.
In my twisted mind, I kept running through the scene in "Meet the Parents" when Greg goes off on the airplane about the bomb-ba-ba-bomb deal.  It kept me chuckling inside.

Thankfully, and not surprisingly, no bomb was found.  The downside is that there still is school tomorrow....

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