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creative gift wrapping

There is a new article up in the latest edition of the Inspired by Family magazine.
Its all about using regular stuff from around the house to wrap up your Christmas gifts.  Normally I would just send you there (which you can do any way) but I'm just going to post the whole there here as well.  Because of marketing and searching stuff that I don't understand, the editor has to change a lot of stuff.... I like how I originally write it better. 

I have a friend who boldly states how important a beautifully wrapped gift is to her:  You put in the time to make it pretty, it shows you care.  Other times gift wrapping is simply about survival.  Haven’t we all run out of Christmas paper right when we need to get a gift wrapped?  

In both situations, all we need is to look at regular items in a different way.  You are sure to have some great wrapping materials throughout your house, ordinary things that we might not normally think of using.
Let these photos inspire you and you should have plenty of ideas what to do when you want to show you care, but you have “nothing” to wrap with!
Play up with Papers
If you are out of wrapping paper, go for the stuff you have.  Here we have used kraft paper, waxed paper and computer paper.  Both the kraft and waxed paper were folded at regular intervals to give it some interest and texture.  Glue or Stitch the folds (use a plain straight stitch) in place.  Wrap it up with thread or ribbon if you have it.  Sew a random pattern on plain paper with a free-motion sewing using festive colored thread.  Tags can be made quickly with paint chip cards.
Scrap the Fabric
Dig into your fabric stash, or piles of discarded clothing, for gift wrapping.  Make a quick bag by cutting off the sleeve of a shirt or sweater.  Stitch the wider end of the sleeve closed, tuck in your gift and tie it closed with some string or cord.  You can also sew any size envelope with some left-over fabric.  Or take that fabric and stitch a simple sleeve to slide over your gift.  Use burlap, crumpled kraft paper or leaves for rustic tags.
Kitchen Covers
The kitchen if full of great materials to wrap up your gifts.  Use a mesh produce bag to hold a soft, light item wrapped in tissue paper.  Styrofoam trays can be sandwiched together to hold a gift (make sure they are good and clean first!)  A two liter soda bottle also makes a great container: cut off the top and the bottom, cut one to two inch slits every inch or two on both ends and fold down these tabs on one side, hot gluing them closed.  Tuck you gift inside and hot glue the tabs on the other end.  Here initial tags are made from scraps of felt and extra beads.
Contain with Cardboard
Boxes don’t have to be standard - use some unique containers and shapes.  A box from foil or plastic wrap is great for wrapping up a set of smaller gifts or a shirt that is rolled up and placed inside.  Use a toilet paper or paper towel roll, covered in paper to hold you gift.  Simply fold down two sides of one end, put in your gift, and fold down the other  side in the same fashion.  Oatmeal, chip, and coffee cans also make great containers.... cover them with sheet music from Christmas carols, or pages from a book.  The tags for these gifts were made from bits of left over craft supplies: jewelry wire and small wood shapes.
 Cash In
Whether you want to give the recipient a little extra or you simply want to add unique twist, cover your boxes with cash!  Hot glue pennies or nickels to your box (cover with white or kraft paper first if you desire.  All new coins give a great sparkle, while a mixture of old and new and interest and texture.  Wanted to spend a little more but didn’t know what to buy?  Make ribbon out of one dollar bills.  Add a little thread or ribbon if you desire more color.

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