Sunday, November 4, 2012

deep cove

A while back I posted a little about my trip to Vancouver to visit my long lost friend Sherri (well, she wasn't lost at all, actually).  Let me just clarify before I go on again - yes, here too I did not bring a good camera - only the piece-of-garbage made by Kodak.  Do I regret not having good pictures?  Yes.  Do I regret not having to lug that extra 8 pounds around everywhere with me? No.  So I will no longer complain.....
There is nothing extremely remarkable about most of these photos other than they are things that just simply made me happy.  And being that this time was very mixed emotionally for me, I won't write a whole lot.  Other than a few words of explanation, this post is just going to be photos.  Honestly - it is for my benefit than yours!

The shop where I bought my now-favorite scarf.
Lucas the artist and creative genius - bike, scooter, long board, short board, rollar blade/skate.

The skylight in the Koop bathroom.
That, and this fabulous shower head made it feel like you were outside on a sunny day and it was raining.  I could have stayed in there all day.

Ah, autumn.

Another joy was while I was babysitting Lucas and Sylas:
 Lucas turned on the TV to the Retro channel and low and behold - Hercules was on!!!!!  What a physique!
 He once again took on that nasty, vile villian Deadalis and hurled him who knows where.
 Of course it was Newt with his "better call Herc, call Herc!!) and Toots little toot that alerted Hercules to the foul acts of Deadalis in the first place.  
Ah, the joys in life.....
A long time home. Four flights and one hotel stay made up the trip back to Ecuador.  But in the middle - a pleasant discovery.  Super 8 hotels - beautiful, huge king sized bed, down duvet,
huge flat screen TV and nice furniture and fixtures.  Who knew?
Airport Panda does not measure up.
And a blast from the past seeing that the yogen fruz from my teenage years still exists.
This one's for Sherri - just pretending we are at Polo Park mall.
The following is one of my favorites:
I was situated in the old, non-updated wing of the Miami airport.  It was full of old telephone booths.  My hope was to catch someone sitting in one using their i-something-or-other, but it never happened.  Just seemed so telling to me - I was surrounded by people with their faces buried in their phones or tablets at the same time as being surrounded by many, many old telephone booths.  

I love to fly.  I could stare out the window the whole time.  I love to see the shadows that the clouds make over the land and imagine being in that shadow, waiting for the cloud to move out of the way so we can have the sun again.  Or being thankful for that cloud as it offers a temporary respite.

I love to stare at a city -day or night- and see all of the cars driving along, all of the houses, all of the offices, and realize that in each place is another person.  A person just like myself, with hopes, dreams, pains, joys, - a person in each place.....  so many people.  And I am not the center of the world.  And I am not what matters.  And I am not the only one hurting and in desperate need of a Saviour.
This world is in desperate need of the Saviour.

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