Sunday, November 4, 2012


I am rather quite embarrassed by how far behind I have gotten in the blogging department.  Life has been unbelievably busy since I started working at the school and there is very little time for much extra. Since today I am laying on the couch feeling poopy, I am taking the time to try to do some catch up.

Back in the middle of September, we had a despedida - a farewell party - for one of Mia's good friends, Maria Gracia.  Her father is an Ecuadorian Ambassador and they were sent back to India where they had previously been.  It was a big loss for us - more wonderful people we once again had to say goodbye to....sometimes this goodbye thing gets really, really old.

Mia and the group of friends partied on down on our roof. 

Maria Gracia is in the red and white stripes near the middle.
They watched "The Perfect Man" - a great chick flick.

The girls also planned and played a few games and of course had lots of food and lots of tears.  While there was plenty of laughing, giggling and talking, there was also plenty of crying - get a bunch of pre-teens together to say goodbye and there is bound to be a lot of sadness.
Maria Gracia is already greatly missed!

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