Sunday, November 4, 2012

all-ecuadorian wedding.....all

Another event that was much too long ago.  Why am I even blogging about it?

Yesterday I was also supposed to shoot an all Ecuadorian wedding.  But I got sick.  Thankfully I notified someone the night before - just in case - and they were able to find someone else.  But I felt terrible - so guilty.  Both to make them scrabble but also to not bring in the money for Casa G.  We need that money badly.  

What I'm not sorry about is not shooting the wedding.  It doesn't bring me much joy.  I supposed this isn't exactly right of me, but doing an all Ecuadorian wedding is a struggle for this gringa.

Don't get me wrong.  The people are wonderful.  Wonderful - friendly and fun.  And they like to have a good time.  Such a good time that weddings last for ever!!  10-14 hours is what I end up doing.  A little exhausting.  And since the party is the thing, organization is not.  Maybe we'll have time for portraits but maybe not.  But even if we don't have time, they are important, so somehow they need to happen even if there is no time for them.  And the photos should take place beside this rose bush because this rose bush is so pretty even though we are supposed to be featuring people, not pretty rose bushes, in the photos.  And since you liked my style and my previous weddings, why would you not trust me when I state where we should to do the photos and how we should pose??????
Okay, enough of that....

The couple was wonderful and very sweet.  The groom was a brother of a friend's husband (so a friend's brother-in-law..... may be a little easier to say).  I did truly enjoy working with them - they were a lot of fun and really enjoyed their wedding.  Here is a smattering of their photos.

I just need to pause and tell you about this little guy.  During the ceremony, he was cracking my up.  He was allowed to roam freely (that part didn't crack me up) and was very demonstrative with his face and body.  He was clearly telling everyone, including me, when I was in his way and that he deserved priority.
After the ceremony, I didn't find him quite so amusing.  And neither did the bridal couple!  He kept interrupting our photos, getting in the picture, getting in front of me, taking over the space during parts of the reception, wanting to play the drums on the side of the dance floor, etc.  And the parents?  Forget about it.  This kid is going to be in for a lifetime of hurt.
Moving on.

They had this band at the reception.  They put on a good show and the people all enjoyed them.  I'm pretty sure I enjoyed them the most, however.  Hearing all of these 80s english songs being "sung" with a strong spanish accent - it was thoroughly enjoyable for me.  I must have looked like an idiot, taking all of these pictures with a huge smile on my face - inwardly laughing as the lyrics were butchered.  I had a fabulous time!  Truly fabulous.
Another thing I can always count on with this type of wedding - there will be someone, probably more than one - who will hit on me.  In their sometimes drunken, slurred Spanish, I am sure to have some potential suitor want to talk and dance with the gringa photographer, regardless of whether I am 20 years older or 20 years younger than they are.  At this particular wedding I was privileged to have one of each.  Don't worry, I handle myself appropriately externally.  And internally, the laughter is aiding in my personal health.

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