Monday, September 10, 2012

random kid stuff

There are still several posts that are waiting to be written.   The photos are all loaded and ready to go. While the kids are back in school, I still am going to make them write one more each.  I was way, way too slack and didn't follow up on the writing.  Then I starting working earlier than I anticipated so my plans to sit them down and get them to blog had to be postponed.  But mark my words..... they are coming!
There is not much to say about the following photos, but they are all rather entertaining to me.  Perhaps they will be entertaining to you.  If they aren't, look at them anyway.  There are some really cute kids in the pictures - they are worth a good look!

Maddy's knee..... I felt artistic one day and drew some lips.  Then they got hungry....

Lucy and her creative side.....  Need I say more?
Not sure why I don't have any whacky pictures of Mia.  Believe me, she can be whacky.  Somehow she must have avoided the camera.  Don't worry, I'll get her yet!

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