Monday, September 10, 2012

back at school

It's been one week of being a freshman
 second grader
 a very grumpy guy
 and a sixth grader.
 Oh yeah, the grumpy guy is also a third grader.

 You may have inferred from these photos that the boy isn't very excited.
Someone else was.....
 And Mia just tolerated.....
It was a pretty tough start for a few.  The first day of school for the kids consisted of Cade's teacher finding me in my office (yes, working at the school now..... that is another whole post for another whole day) and telling me that Cade was in tears most of the morning.  She asked if she could tell him that I would have lunch with him.
His teacher is wonderful, but he had hoped for the other third grade teacher whom he had in first grade.  Familiarity.  That helps him a lot.  Unfortunately, he didn't get her.  Then he also discovered the reality of not being in the same class as his best friend.  Cade doesn't have heaps of close friends.  He has his best buddy and that is pretty much all he needs and wants.
Well, I walk into the lunch room and before I can spot Cade, Lucy spots me.  She is bawling.  She says she has a terrible stomach ache and needs to go home.  I convince her to tough it out but find out later (after I didn't hear about 4 phone calls from the nurse's office) that Eric took her home.  Between the two of them, it was a fabulous start to a new school year!
The good news is that Lucy fully recovered by the time Eric picked us all up from school - by fully I mean she was bouncing off the walls of the car and now, a week later, Cade seems to be doing marvelously well.  I'm sure if we asked him, he would say he was miserable, but we don't ask and let his smiles speak for themselves!

By the way, Maddy is in high school.
Let me say that again:  Maddy is in high school.
Yup, that is how I feel too.

Oh, and next year?  Mia will be in middle school.
The end of the world (at least mine) must be near.

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