Monday, September 10, 2012

family photos

Sorry - not our family photos!  But they are photos of our friends.  We have been blessed to get to know the Altlands - a family that came here almost a year ago.  Their middle daughter is one of Lucy's best friends and now their family is one of our best families (um......  they are close friends....).
They are getting ready to be one of many families with three girls and one boy and wanted a few family shots done to record the pregnancy and all that good stuff.
A very photogenic family, I must say.  I really didn't have to do much - they are all beautiful!

 We made it a family affair (minus Maddy) so the kids could play once they were done with the photos.  They had a good time exploring and getting very very dirty.  It has been very dry here - no rain for ever - and they were kicking up plenty of dust storms.

The dad wasn't exactly elated over doing family photos.  I mean, he did well and all - he tolerated the time and even produced nice, happy smiles, but the guy was pretty happy when it was over.
Perhaps this photo captures it best:

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