Wednesday, June 20, 2012

guest blogging

Today brings about the start of a new series on Breathing Deep Where the Air is Thin, running throughout the summer.  I will be hosting a variety of guest bloggers who will be enlightening you to their lives.  Each of our guests will be providing their own perspectives through the lens as well (aka: they'll be taking their own pictures - for the lay person).
Our first guest comes from the great State of California (they all come from California, actually - although they are also half Canadian - whether they like it or not).  She is the most fabulous fourteen-year-old that I know.
It gives me great pleasure to introduce you to:  Madelaine (better known as Maddy, since she gives you the screwy-eye if you call her Madelaine) Ackermann........

So the day all started with my mother, being very mensch like, decided that the three youngest should get a head start at Christmas gifts in school for next year. Well for me, at least. 
Their day started at 6 in the morning playing computer games or Wii. 
Anyway, Mom explained the craft to them, something she has done before. (with me) 

First, she asked Mia to get the large drawer of stickers and to find ones that are small enough for going under marble gem thingies. (The technical name, I'm sure.)
 The smaller marbles
The small and big ones
Cade, being the kind of boy that he is, divided up all of the marbles equally between the three of them. (One of the piles was already handed out)
I told Mom that she needed some of the marbles too, since she seemed to have lost hers. 
Then I got distracted and made a snowflake/flower with the marbles.  
When the time came for Cade to glue the marbles to the stickers, he made me do it.
All of Cade's marbles
All of Lucy's
And Mia's
Later, once Dad got back from the grocery store, we made Piña Coladas- 
ice, piña colada mix, frozen pineapple. 
And of course, Lucy insisted in blending. 
The delicious drinks in some fancy cups. 

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