Friday, June 22, 2012

a fun filled day

Hi, I am Mia, and I am going to blog about Wednesday.
So first off my mom was excercising and Lucy wanted to join in. This is her doing jumping jacks.
 Then they did push ups.
 Then there was weight lifting. It was all quite entertaining.
 These were Lucy's weights.
 And then there were my mom's.
 Lucy used the other weights for about two lifts and then moved on to the cans of beans. Which only lasted for about five lifts.
Maddy and her friend painted Cade's room a sea foam color.
 These were the paint supplies.
It was actually a really nice green and turned out great. 

 Cade said he wanted to "sleep" but Lucy kept annoying him.
These were Maddy's pants when they were finished painting. 
 Maddy and  her friend Mikala.
 Mikala put her hair against the wet wall and this was the result.
After painting we made desert nachos. They really really good.
 First you spread melted butter on a tortilla. Then you put cinnamon and
 sugar on it and cut the tortillas into little "chips"

 Then you set them out on a tray and put them into the oven.

 You can add any toppings you like but we added strawberries and chocolate sauce.

 You can design it however you like and then you eat it. 
Good bye!

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