Saturday, June 2, 2012


A few weekends ago, for two weekends in a row actually,  we babysat (dogsat?) our friends' dog, Cooper.  Cooper is the most wonderful, well behaved yellow lab ever.  Other than pooping and shedding, he is pretty much the world's most perfect dog.  He is playful, but pretty much just when he should be, he is obedient and he is mostly mellow.
And he likes sliding.
The kids loved taking him to the park and almost fought over who got to take him - they actually worked it out quite well, taking turns in 10-15 minute increments. 
While the kids played, I figured I'd take advantage of cute kids and a nice overcast day....

Even though this post is really much more about how cute our kids are, we did start out with it being about Cooper.  So lets end with that.
The hope was that taking care of Cooper might convince Eric to allow us to get a dog - as the kids had been asking for a long time.  My idea was to surprise them on the last day of school with a puppy, but that won't be happening, unfortunately.
Fact is, while the kids loved having Cooper around, when it came to scooping up poop, only Maddy and Mia were willing.  Cade and Lucy decided that they no longer wanted a dog if that is what they would have to do.  So much for that experiment.
I still want a dog.

(Although seriously, how is it possible for a dog to daily poop twice as much as it eats?)

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